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Azamhadi Interior Designer

With our motto "Created To Provide The Best Ideas", to ensure client satisfaction and always provide the best ideas, solution and quality.




Azamhadi Interior Designer

To be a quality driven design consultancy services business INTERIORS in the hospitality, commercial,  corporate, residential and retail markets for Clients in Malaysia.


IDr. Mohamad Azam Hadi

Interior design is about people’s space. Its evolve time to time, moving and dynamic. It is one of the creative art branch created by an interior designer who love and enjoy in designing and to ensure and to fulfil people needs, tastes, satisfaction. 
Design process is not a one-man show. It’s need a teamwork between designers, architects, client, builders and suppliers. Along the process from the sketches to construction, the communication is much important to ensure the transition of good design. Client’s needs, tastes and satisfaction is the core in my designing in addition to the knowledge in design and history of art.
My design favourite concept is minimalist with elegant and modern contemporary.I do love a few architect and designer such as, Frank Lloyd Wright, Norman Foster, Philippe Starck,  Le Corbusier, their designs are timeless and still being used worldwide, and also the 21st century architect, Zaha Hadid. 
“As a designer, you design for the present, with awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown”- Sir Norman Foster. 
My overall objectives are every space needs to be timelessness, inviting, beautiful, luxurious and comfortable, and reflect the heart and soul of the peoples. 
Follow with our motto “Created to provide the best ideas”, to ensure client’s satisfaction and always provide the best ideas, solution and quality.



Istana Syarqiyyah Terengganu

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